shan: new york, new york @ hammerstein ballroom (12.06.11)   • back to the back photos we go, apparently. [white night]
♪ @ 30secondstomars@ shannonleto
j.action: san diego, ca @ the house of blues (08.28.11) • man with a harmonica.
♪ 100monkeysmusic@ jacksonrathbone
mars: moscow, russia@ olympisky stadium (12.10.10) • i just have to say… it was a lot of people. a. lot.
♪ 30secondstomars
shan: brighton, england @ brighton centre (11.29.10)   • since we’re apparently all about smiley photos today, might as well add a pinch of shan to the mix. :]
♪ @ 30secondstomars@ shannonleto
ben g: san diego, ca @ the house of blues (08.28.11) • ‘sup, smiley?
♪ 100monkeysmusic
100 monkeys: san diego, ca @ best buy (08.28.11) • d’awwwh, look who we have here—the other mohawk in my life! and ..some other guy. i think his name is j..ackson? x]
♪ 100monkeysmusic
jl: oakland, ca@  the fox theater (05.13.10) • the first time i ever got to watch a full set from the side of the stage… and it was pretty damn awesome.
♪ @ 30secondstomars @ jaredleto
artwork: los angeles, ca @ the hive (2009/2010) • i kept meaning to post these because i know there are many who hadn’t quite seen the mass of text and artwork that once wallpapered the walls of the hive hub down in los angeles… so here you go.
hours of work, miles of ink, and all of your words immortalized somehow. [echelon]
note → believe it or not… this isn’t all of it.
jett: newport beach@ taste of newport stage (09.16.11) • does posting photos of joan jett ever really need an explanation? regardless of the fact, today is this legend’s birthday and she is honestly one of my “musical loves” of all time. inspirational, independent, expressive, driven, and so much more. 
even if she didn’t play my favorite song (“i want you” by the runaways), she still rocked that stage (it was my 3rd time seeing her). i could only hope to be so fuckin’ cool when i’m her age.
thanks to @sarahcuda818 for the idea to post joanie today!
♪ joanjett
mars: highland, ca@ san manuel casino (09.02.11) • realized it’s my “7th year of mars” as of august 2011. class of 2004, baby. 76 shows later …and who knows how many to go.
♪ 30secondstomars